Friday, November 14, 2014

Younger Makers + Older Makers = ??

I keep thinking we need a name change. Although we still have one or two members who are ostensibly part of the Young Makers, it feels like we have become much more than that. The Young Makers program is, or at least initially was, intended for teens working under adult guidance and mentorship. Somehow over the years our adults have come to outnumber the teens and a couple of them have started to bring in their younger children. The only format we follow is that we always eat pizza and talk about our various side projects. Here are some of the things people are working on:

  • stripping and rebuilding a train table found free on craigslist
  • knitting a sweater
  • working on sections in Minecraft
  • writing a song
  • looking into building an R/C car
  • making a leather belt & watch strap
  • refinishing an outdoor patio table found free on craigslist 
  • building a fence
  • setting up a new computer
  • getting certified in the maintenance of AWOS weather stations
  • helping a friend find and fabricate steel to bind a giant drum
  • taking apart a non-working keyboard from...wait for it...craigslist with the aim of creating a playable instrument again
  • building a custom LED light strip for a workbench
  • 3D printing parts for an RC car
  • designing and building a 3D DLP printer

Our youngest have as much to share as our most experienced. Perhaps the best part of the group now is being in the company of people who love to make and repair things. But what would one call that?

After all the discussion about side projects, we did get the sides of the cupcake measured and cut. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cupcake Car Base

Sometimes things just work out. We ran out of table space, for example, but found a way to serve the pizza.

Or this: by chance, Jim had found and repaired a broken large format printer, so it was possible to print out full-sized plans for cutting the cupcake base. (Of course it wasn't strictly necessary, but what a treat to be able to just glue the plans over the plywood and cut on the lines.)

Or this: after eyeing the plan, Emilio went back to his truck and pulled out a circular piece of plywood that he'd found a year and a half ago and been carting around since. It was just 6" wider than the diameter we needed.

Everyone got a chance to help make the base. Cutting with a jigsaw:

Starting pilot holes with a drill: 

Young makers guiding younger makers:

Wheels, casters, and motors were mounted. It may be that the ring cut from around the base will be able to serve as part of the structure, like so: 

We'll have to see how it all works out.