Sunday, March 18, 2012

KDRT Interview

Last Friday Leo, Sebastian, Sabrina and Suzie went to the KDRT studios and sat for an interview with Beth and Katie Post's Road Scholars radio show. Road Scholars explores different aspects of homeschooling in the Yolo County area, and on this day they spoke to us about Young Makers and the Maker Faire.

Listen to the full (hourlong) show here. It's the March 16th, 2012 show.

Thanks, Beth and Katie—we all had fun.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Meeting

Leo and Jim talk about design
We're now two months away from the Maker Faire. It's time to start thinking about reserving accommodations (the main options can be found here), buying additional tickets (here) and of course, moving forward with projects.

The 4 projects we heard about this evening are all at the very beginning stages still, but everyone seemed to have a clear idea of their next step, whether it be drawing up plans, sourcing materials or setting up a meeting with a mentor.
Doug explains SolidWorks
After the informal project presentations, Doug demonstrated the use of SolidWorks 3D modeling software. He also introduced us to JourneyEd, an academic discount site where the educational version of SolidWorks can be licensed for a fraction of its msrp.

Other options recommended by both Doug and Jim are Alibre and Autocad, both also found on JourneyEd in academic editions. But when pressed to name the simplest design software, their answers were surprising: pencil and graph paper, straightedges, calipers, compasses, protractors, triangles, templates and cardboard.

Have fun working on your designs!