Friday, February 15, 2013

February Meeting

"It's almost a rule as a maker: you will bleed occasionally." 
~Doug, group mentor 
The delayed parts have finally arrived, so at the last meeting Young Makers connected the batteries and cut out stabilizers for the wing. This involved more soldering, more cutting, and a little bit of heat-shrinking.

As you might imagine from the comment above, there was one sliced digit. On the other hand, no one got burned, which is a certain improvement.
soldering under mentor Jim's watchful eye
cutting stabilizers from foam mounting board
$2 hobby knife kits Doug found at Harbor Freight
no heat gun, but an acceptable substitute was found
We're aiming for another Saturday build day, since we can get more done in daylight and with the longer weekend hours. Before then, everyone will try to cut their elevons so they will move as Doug demonstrates, below: