Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Team Radlamp

We are evolving from a Young Makers group into the Radlamp Race Team.

Radlamp generously offered to sponsor our Power Racer build, which even with the $500 budget cap is a costly project to split between only a few families.

This has coincided with the natural progression of the group into something more like a garage workshop. Instead of focusing solely on the teen projects, we all now work together in a more cooperative way. It's a looser, more social organization, and everyone seems happy with the way it's going.

Here is the Power Racer in progress:

testing batteries
removing the body
removing rusted brake
learning to use the Sawzall...
...to take off unnecessary bracing
motors from an old tape drive will power the wheels
lawnmower wheels on the frame
testing the body fit
our driver trying for size
And the first test drive? Pretty good, despite the silly sound effects.