Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Use For Sugru

I picked up an old drawing board for free a while back. The board was fully functional except for two suction cups on the bottom, which were probably for keeping the board still when drawing but had long since dried up into hard, brittle rubber. One was actually broken off. However, when I took the cups off, I discovered that the bare bottom edge of the board would touch and probably badly scratch any surface that the board was sitting on. Then I remembered the small pack of Sugru that I had been given. I stuck two blobs of it to the bottom of the board, and after they had cured overnight the board was ready for use. The new 'feet' may not look like much, but they made the difference between me using the board and me not being able to use the board. They are also fairly sticky, so there is no trouble of the board moving around when I draw on it. The top picture is what the board looked like now, and the bottom picture shows what the board looked like before I modified it.

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