Monday, November 25, 2013

Side Projects: Emilio's Halloween UFO & Sebastian's Vacuum Former

Our group does a lot together, but each member also works on projects just for fun. Here are two recent ones:

At Halloween Emilio added to their family's collection of spooky decorations by fashioning an alien ship from a Christmas tree stand, silver paint, a strip of 2-color led lights (you can just see it starting to switch from purple to orange, below), and a hooded skeleton with costume beads for eyes.

 It was even more spectacular wired up to fly over the heads of trick-or-treaters:
Also initially begun as a Halloween project, Sebastian made a vacuum former to mold his own plastic masks. When we learned that Tim at our local Makerspace had also just built one, we went to visit. Tim generously shared his process, advice and extensive documentation of his own project.

Sebastian's first mask, just after molding:

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