Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is the first one I made

Hey, this is Matt. I don't appear to be able to edit the blog yet, so I'm using my mother's account. I'm assuming that most of us went to the Exploratorium this weekend, but if you didn't, you're missing out! The theme was "toys", I think, and there were a lot of things to make. Some of the exhibits included were 3-D printers, scribbling robots, percussion-playing robots, and more, but my personal favorite was the Balance Toys section, where you could make your own gravity-defying corks with wires in them. The simplest way to get them to balance is to add weight to the bottom, but there were some fancier ones too, with lots of wires and washers and potatoes.
Bottom center: Potatoes.

My favorite was one with a wooden plane attached to the top, but I don't have a picture of it, so here's me pushing a button before I know what it does.
"Do you just push every button you see?"
"Don't you think you should find out what they do, first?"
"That spoils the fun."


  1. Great post, Matt! Thanks for reviewing the Open Make for those in our group who couldn't make it this month.