Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Meeting

Last night was our first meeting of 2012. Now the countdown the Maker Faire really feels concrete, and the kids were talking about project ideas, even some paper plans.

We are so fortunate to have active, involved mentors. Jim has been working out some ideas for teaching 3D, which he shared with us and which we will share on this blog once we get all the photos resized.
We all took turns using his $5 viewer (more to come on that) to make the images he had shot pop out at us.
And the kids each left with a solar kit Jim had picked up from one of his suppliers. I'm sure everyone will have fun playing with these.
Saturday is the first Open Make session at the Exploratorium, and at least three families in our group will be there. Among the presenters will be Nathan Sawaya. Some years ago our family drove 3 hours up to Redding just to see his exhibit, and it was every bit worth the drive (and the extra pair of shoes we had to buy—but that's another story). I'm sure everyone who has ever had fun with Lego will be interested in hearing what he has to say.

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