Sunday, October 12, 2014

Show-and-Tell Meeting

We were at an in-between stage for this meeting: the power system for the cupcake car is ready, and now it needs a structure around it. Some are starting to think about individual projects. With nothing specific on the agenda, we had a show-and-tell.

Show-and-tell is not just for grade school: it's a good way for members to share what they're thinking about and working on outside of meetings, and the simplest question/answer pair can be both instructional and inspirational.

Here is some of what was brought last week:
Doug's Yellow Submarine, made from a painted soda bottle, 3D printed additions, & hand drawn designs
Leo's gloves with carbon fiber knuckles, brought to show us what the material is like
Dave's r/c-controlled wheelchair base
The Campiz family's surplus computer, ready to be disassembled
the gyroscope Bob got through Kickstarter

Finally, Doug talked us through some design considerations when creating the cupcake car base: sizing it to fit a seated person, making sure the wheels are well spaced for comfort and maneuverability, keeping the parts accessible for adjustment and repair. Getting that started is our next shared task.

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