Monday, October 6, 2014

Starting the Cupcake Car

Last meeting the boys wired up new batteries to the wheelchair motor controllers and motors to confirm that the system would run as intended. They also learned to write up a wiring diagram for same.
batteries, motors, controllers and wheels
Over the weekend, the tubes and tires were changed out and cleaned.
prying old cracked tires off with screwdrivers
Jim explains the use of grease to help get the new tire seated
inflating the new tire
The bonus of having skilled mentors: when Sebastian wondered aloud how knurling was done, Jim was able to take him to the metal lathe and show him.
the knurling tools next to the metal blank
metal shards from the lathe
We now have a solid basis for some kind of motorized car. The next step will be designing the base and body.

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